Spiros Pierris


Studied Architecture at the University of Florence and Industrial Design at  Pratt Institute, New York. Worked as an architect and visual artist in New York, Miami, San Fransisco, Toronto Corfu and London and has exhibited his artwork in Corfu, Athens, London, Toronto and New York. Currently lives and works in London.

Spiros Pierris

The architectural dimension is evidently present in the totality of Spiros Pierris’ visual art. The geometric and organic elements that become the recurrent themes throughout his work, from painting and drawing to video, photography, sculptural structures and installations, are played not only against each other but also as constructs or ideas in a  game of communication. Therefore the concept of space in his work becomes symbolic and attains a codified status as it turns itself into a vehicle in his attempt to redefine and reestablish communication between the artwork and the public.

In her review of the artist’s video installation “ Inside the Cube (… and the dream lives on)” in the art journal ARTI the Art Historian Marily Argirokastriti achieves a very incisive reading of Spiros Pierris’ oeuvre as she explores the central features pertaining to it. She states that:  “the current passage into the space is not alien to anyone familiar with Pierris’ career. One easily perceives the continuity and does not treat the present enterprise as separate from his previous work. This impressive installation consists of a room made of lead which contains both a camera that videotapes the viewer, as well as a theoretical miniaturization of the room itself: a box, in other words, also made of lead, with a clay sphere inside it. Set on a pedestal and protected by glass, it clearly projects the fundamental concern of the work.

The little box, prey to our voracious eyes gives the viewer a false sense of security.
We observe the ball sitting in the centre of the ominously half-open box from the distance that we think we have. We don’t realise that we are often observing ourselves through the work. And this is actually proven once we enter the mysterious room. The aggressiveness of the phallic elements and the symbolism of the sexual urge in the artist’s early work is not far removed from the aggression expressed by our entry into the dark womb-like room of this installation.

This is a space we believe we have conquered unaware of the eye that moment by moment captures our personal time, our image, our reactions which we readily exhibit in the security of the darkness and privacy. Does our gaze turn and regard us the moment we become the art work, the moment when spectator becomes spectacle?”

In more recent projects as “Neighbourhood of Dreams” Spiros Pierris turns to investigate   utopian and dystopian issues, questions of urbanism and cultural production, collective identity and the interface between architectural practice and contemporary art. Finally in increasingly involving its audiences the artist purports to emphasize the open ended character of the project which has also been an inextricable part of the whole body of his work.


1975  INTERNATIONAL WEEK FOR THE ARTS (Supported by the Ministry of
          Culture and UNESCO), Corfu Palace Hotel, Corfu
1978  INCONTRI MEDITERRANEI, Centro Internationale D’ Arte e Cultura
          Mediterranea, Bridisi, Italy
1986  MINIATURE EXHIBITION, Del Bello Gallery, Toronto

1990  ART EVENT, Chroma Gallery, Corfu

1993  +PRAXIS, Antonia Havani Contemporary Art, Corfu

1995   SWEEP YOUR FEET, Antonia Havani Contemporary Art

1996   EVERYTHING VISIBLE IS IMPORTANT, Antonia Havani Contemporary Art,
1997   ART ATHINA 1997, Works presented by Antonia Contemporary Art,

2000  CONTEMPORARY ART EXHIBITION, French Institute, Corfu

2004  ART ENCOUNTERS curated by Manos Stefanidis and Haris Savvopoulos,
           Kassiopi, Corfu
2009  GROUP EXHIBITION,  Old Customs House of Loggos, Paxos

2011   NOTHING IS BLACK OR WHITE, Cutated by Antonia Havani, 7 Arts Venue,
2012   GROUP SHOW, Corfu Gallery, Corfu

2016   THE WINDMILL, EP Launch Party and Exhibition, Death Machine,
           Dreaming in Monochrome, London


1977  MODERN MYTHOLOGY, Hellenic American Union, Athens

1984  MINIATURES, Bombapiazza Art Space, Corfu

1986  MASKS,  Peter Phillips, London

1987  MASKS,  Art Waves, New York, USA

1993  MNEMONIC FIELDS, Antonia Havani Contemporary Art, Corfu

1996  INSIDE THE CUBE  (… and the dream lives on), Antonia Havani Contemporary     Art, Corfu

2006  SOLID SPHERE site specific installation, St Stefano, Corfu

2011  IN PURSUIT… OF LINES, Plous, Corfu